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A First Look: Open World PvP on Tatooine's Outlaw's Den

So what did we really get to see at the Second Fan Site Summit in
Austin, TX? Until now, all of the Fan Sites have been under an embargo on some of the new reveals we were given at the event. During our second day at the event we were given possibly some of the most exciting news to hit the MMO genre in a long time by Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo. That announcement? Outlaw's Den.

First Rule of Outlaw's Den: There Are No Rules
Outlaw's Den's most prominent characteristic is that it has no rules. I begin with this because it really defines the look, feel, and purpose of the entire zone. As a location on Tatooine, players can access Outlaw's Den by normal travel means (whether by foot or mount), but are amply warned that they are entering an area not for the faint of heart. Those who enter Outlaw's Den become flagged for PvP not only by the opposing faction, but by their own faction as well. Traditional boundaries of Republic versus Empire are thrown out the window, and anybody is game for your PvP pleasure once you set foot in this lawless place.

That doesn't mean you can't come with allies though. Anyone in your group, raid, or guild becomes your ally within the zone and you can continue to work together in a team environment to conquer anyone residing within the zone. In fact, it's in your benefit to be working in tandem with others in order to ensure that you can reside in the area for longer than a fleeting moment--so that you can reap the benefit of the many rewards that await you.

Farm Loot, PvP, and Community
What's the purpose of even entering Outlaw's Den? I'm glad you asked. The zone contains a slew of the highest level gathering nodes for each gathering profession throughout the area--making it a crafter's paradise as long as you can keep yourself alive. Along with this are gatherable nodes akin to "Treasure chests," which contain Mercenary Commendations--the currency for PvP'ers to acquire better equipment and supplies. The central portion of the zone contains a Galactic Trade Network Kiosk--TOR's Auction House mechanic. A "Pit" area is sectioned off specifically for duels. The last reward comes in the form of rare vendors who sell a variety of unique and distinguished items like rare mounts and social gear.

In the demonstration, Gabe showed us how you can locate one of these rare vendors and purchase items that are likely not found anywhere else in the game. After trading with the vendor, Gabe casually strolled his character over to what were obviously the merchant's personal belongings, and smashed some expensive-looking glassware. The merchant became furious at the destruction of his prized possession and quickly switched from his kind, personable demeanor into a fit of rage, slaughtering Gabe's character on the spot as an act of revenge. While the notion may seem somewhat comedic at first glance, it actually has a very unique purpose.

Denial of goods.

You can essentially stroll into Outlaw's Den, clean house with your Guild, buy up everything you need from the vendors, and slay said vendors so that nobody else gets the opportunity. The spawn timer on these rare vendors are by no means short (although we weren't given an exact time estimate as the concept is new at the moment), so obliterating them from the face of Tatooine ensures that, even if you are ousted out of The Den by another group, you've denied them their precious loot.

The final, and most promising purpose of Outlaw's Den is to build community. Gabe described how the zone was designed to be a place where Guilds, Raid Groups, Parties, and Friends can coordinate PvP-related events together and carry them out within Outlaw's Den. Want to challenge your adversary Guild to a PvP-marathon to see who will win? Outlaw's Den is the place to do it. The zone has both a PvP and Social appeal.

Nothing Is Set In Stone
During Gabe's Summit Presentation, I did raise a question about griefing and Guilds who would actually participate in coordinated events in Outlaw's Den. Essentially, I was not assured that Guild's would be "protected" if they decided to do a Guild vs. Guild event. What's to stop another group from coming in to ruin the fun? Gabe explained to me that, essentially, that is the point of Outlaw's Den. There is nothing to stop another group from raining on your parade should you decide to coordinate something. Remember, there are no rules in Outlaw's Den. Part of the appeal and enjoyment that the developers are expecting to come from the zone stem from it's inherently chaotic approach to PvP.

Gabe ended his presentation on Outlaw's Den to let us know that, ultimately, they are interested in seeing where the TOR community takes the new feature. They will use feedback from us, the fans and players, to determine what changes are necessary and how the zone will evolve over time. Nothing is set in stone right now, and they look forward to seeing how reaction to their take on Open-World PvP.

I'll provide a list below to help clarify some of the unique attributes of Outlaw's Den. If you want more information, keep RedRancor.com in your Favorites bar because we'll be sure to have more news about this nifty PvP zone as it is released. Enjoy!

Outlaw's Den Is...

•An Open-World PvP Zone
•A place with no rules
•A place to kill other players, including your own faction
•A place to farm some of the best gatherable materials for crafting
•A place to earn Mercenary Commendations
•A place to buy rare mounts
•A place to stealth and kill as many players as you can before getting caught
•A place to hang out with your Guild, trade, auction items (GTN)
•A place to duel your friends (and enemies)
•A place to PvP, at any time

Outlaw's Den Is Not...

•A place to progress in PvP Rank
•A place for carebears
•An instanced PvP zone
•A WarZone. You do not queue up for Outlaw's Den
•A Republic versus Empire specific fight
•A zone that you can "capture" by use of objectives.


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