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Hier mal was, für die jenigen die SWG gespielt haben und für all jene die mehr wollen als nur Questn und grinden, für Beta kann man sich registrieren, kann gut sein das es aber erst 2015 raus kommt. release steht noch nicht fest.


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Stand der Dinge 4.Sep 2014


Created on Thursday, 04 September 2014 08:41
Written by J.C. Smith

August came and went, and a number of things on the to-do list were checked off along with it. Before we get to the feature updates we wanted to talk for a moment about backers and testing time frames. Effective on Friday we will be dropping instant access price from $150 to $100. This includes a number of testers who previously had a weekend or two of access. Your access accounts should be functional now with full time access. It also includes all backers from our original Kickstarter campaign who did not have access. If you fall into these two categories and have not yet received an invite please use our contact form and we’ll get you squared away. Next weekend we will be inviting the remaining Round 1 backers into testing, so keep an eye on your mailboxes Round 1 backers. We plan to get all backers in for testing by the end of the year and Round 2 backers are next up after Round 1. These are permanent access slots which include all future testing periods.

August brought big changes for PvE types, with the addition of Open World Housing in protected (PvE) regions . This included a restructuring of the placement system to allow for more free placement of the plot out in the world where housing is designated for placement. Plots will be placed in content areas as well as other places near npc cities to be easily visited by other players. We should see a similar restructuring of how city plots are placed down in the contested region to allow a bit more control of placement of city plots by nations.

Player Created Tournaments were a stretch goal from our Kickstarter campaign and made their way into the game this month. These tournaments will be accessible in the future from arenas in player created cities, but for now are only available in a test instance. The final product will not be instanced. Players can create tournaments using a large list of configuration options such as weapon and armor types, and which activities are allowed during the tournaments including the use of consumables, vehicles or pets. Tournaments can be solo or team based, and have a configurable number of teams. There is an optional buy in cost to participate, which will be distributed amongst the winners. The sponsor can optionally add credits or items to the prize pool. Other players can observe the tournament while the teams participate.

Another major feature this month was the introduction of the Minigame system. Minigames can give you an additional action bar full of abilities, or completely replace your action bars when they are in effect. They can be used for various activities, including our new Fishing system, as well as some types which can be initiated by interacting with items or props.

We’ll be releasing a new video in a few days and have some more events planned this month including another Q/A twitch stream next week so keep an eye on our social media feeds if you are interested. But for now let’s end this update and skip ahead to the complete build notes for August...
Adversarial Camps

Added new types of smaller sized Adversarial Camps.
Helltyr can now spawn through the adversarial camp system.


Added a new Regional Music Switching option to Audio Options. This allows you to enable or disable regional music selection. When it is on it will pick songs that fit into the area scheme. If it is disabled it will play any song in any area.
Added a new Switch to Combat Music option. This makes the switch in and out of combat music, optional. If enabled it will fade between Combat Music and Background Music based on whether or not the player is in combat, as was previously the case.
Added sound effects to the Ammann River.


Increased player melee damage by 17%.
Tweaked the dual wielding damage bonus code. It should be noted that you won't see noticeable gains from dual wielding until your skill rises, and the bonus currently caps at +30%.
You will now gain skill slightly faster when dual wielding. The off hand weapon gains skill at 1/3 of the usual speed.
You can now gain skill from Dual Wielding against PvE opponents.
Reduced NPC melee damage slightly.


Added new solo and raid dens to Obstinada.
Added new raid camp opportunities to Terminus Mire.
The Lesoo camp Southeast of Freedomtown has been revamped. In addition to having new barrels which can be stolen, the mob distribution has been completely redone.
Added new containers which can be stolen from to the Lesoo camp in Blood Valley.


Engagements now feature a new hook for their custom scripts which occurs after the active player participants count has been made. This allows us to provide new enhanced forms of engagement scaling that were not previously supported.


GMs now have more control over mob difficulty when they spawn NPCs for events.
GMs now have the capability to reset FX on a player if a player manages to get bugged.

Graphics and Animations

The Foliage section of Video Options now includes an option to adjust foliage distance, in addition to the previous ability to also modify it's density.
The Male and Female characters models have been upgraded. Some notable features are new skin maps that feature better skin tone, ambient occlusion and better specular/normal maps. The armor has been refitted for a more solid look. Some armor pieces were improved, both meshes and texture maps. Hair shaders have been improved. Animations are in the process of being upgraded. The male and female once again have unique animations/postures, postures look more realistic.
Added the new moustache and beard models. It is split up into two parts during character creation "Moustache" and "Beard", this allows for more combinations with less parts.
Tweaked many particle sequences include mutant particles, vulture spits, phosphori flames, green pods, smoke clouds, fire walls, and more.
Added new pistol firing animations.
There is now a tablet animation when you are using the crafting station. Moving will kill the animation and the crafting window with it.
Looting animations are now looped so they will end when you finish the process.
NPC Idle fishing animations have been improved to cast and tug.
Auto Loot now has a 2.5 second timer to allow for the animation to have proper time to run.
Elkar have new bound in chains animations.
Added a new pistol and melee idle animation.
Added a new pet taming FX.
Added new crouching animations for female models.
Crouching melee now uses the non combat crouch for idle and the handgun for movements as it looks better than the rifle ones when holding a weapon.
Added new wall model set.
Added elevator prop.
All male and female hair styles can now be color tinted.
By default, dynamic details should now be set to Normal density, rather than Very Low. Pre-existing testers would need to modify their settings to change this.
Added some new FX and visualizations for spear guns when harvesting the old fashioned way.
Improved electrical weapon particle effects.
Added new FX and animations for crafting.
Added new fishing pole and bobber models.
Added many new crafting and inventory icons.


Open World Housing is now available in protected regions. This utilizes a new plot placement system which allows players to lay down a base anywhere inside of areas marked as being able to support housing, rather than using preset instanced plots. This is a preview of the changes coming to the player city plots in contested territory.
Housing now supports interactive props. This includes Banking Terminal, Crafting Station, and Skill Imprinting Stations.
Plot regions were added to Lower Daxton, Twin Falls, Aemar Hydro Plant, Plymouth Pond, O'Doyle Meadow, Leverstow, Pinon Pines in OWON territory.
Added PVE Housing Plot areas to the following regions in FPR territory: Twin Hills, The Boglands, Twin Falls, and Runa Grove.


Added new destination markers in the Freedomtown region.
Updated and added new long range connection markers for cross-area missions or inquiries. This was primarily in the FPR area.

Items and Fittings

Introduced a new Smoker fitting that can be attached to sleeves. This fitting can create a plume of smoke on five different occasions. After unleashing the smoke, you will immediately roll your way out of danger. Those who walk within the smoke for the next 15 seconds have a strong chance of being afflicted with a small amount of thermal damage, as well as having their combat effectiveness reduced, and a chance of confusion. This item is a rare drop from humans or intelligent humanoids.
Introduced a new type of charged fitting. This fitting can currently be found on humanoid NPCs, but will later have a similar crafted variation. It improves armor penetration, though less effectively than weapon specific penetration fittings. Unlike those fittings though it can convert your rounds to be Armor Piercing for a short period of time. Use those charges carefully though, as the fitting will consume after it's final charge has been spent.
Achillea can occasionally be harvested for paralyzing thorns which you can throw at your targets to paralyze them briefly.
Morgernstern can now be harvested for a new type of Intoxicating Thorn which can be thrown at medium range and features a venom which damages your target, as well as intoxicating them briefly. Players will see this as a blurred and warped screen if affected.
A new very rare item can be harvested from tougher Morgenstern. It is a set of makeshift hand wraps, still dripping venom. This item has a very low durability and can not accept fittings, but can be used as an unarmed weapon with that deals and procs biochemical damage.
Added a new type of rare loot only available from Arrvor: Venomous Arrvor Stingers. These stingers offer a single charge which will modify your special abilities for 30 seconds, allowing you to attack with the weapon. It has lunging and poisonous melee capabilities.
Containers now support dragging/dropping items to/from the inventory. Swapping/Splitting/etc isn't working yet and will most likely do bad things.
Adjusted the Bark Parasite description so that it does not confuse players.
Calib Parasites have been renamed to Rock Parasites and are now available from more types of Ore and Minerals.
Increased stack sizes on numerous items including Arrvor Chitins, Hexavalent Chromium, and Sapphires.
Bones of all types now stack up to 999 deep.
Latex Foam Rubber Filling can now be stacked in stacks of 200.
Quantumcrypted Data Mineable Sticks are now a very rare drop on human mobs.


We've implemented a new Mini-Game system. This system allows us to provide players with temporary mini-games which can give alternate or replacement ability bars temporarily.
Introduced a new Fishing minigame. This is an alternative to obtaining fishing with the spear gun. Players can select to use different crafted lures or bait types to affect the types of fish that are available. To initiate this mini-game you will need to purchase one of the newly added Fishing Poles. Fish do have their own stock pool which affects your chances of catching rare fish. Different locations are better suited to catch different types of fish.
Added new a Fishing Minigame related achievement and title.
Minigames which take over your ability bar will automatically reroute hotkeys #1-6 to the minigame abilities.
Minigames which replace your action bars will automatically hide them until the minigame ends.


We've enabled a number of anti-bot measures.
Improved warping that was caused due to positional prediction.
A waypoint will automatically be created for you when your character has died. This is intended to make it easier for players to find where they were located after cloning. Death markers will automatically clear themselves after 10 minutes.
The Info channel is now enabled by default. This will not affect current user settings, but will go into affect on any newly created characters.
Added new loading hints.
Optimized item replication.


Reworked the scaling mission equivalency values for missions. This fixes a problem where some missions with a high count of collected items or mob kills were giving too great of rewards in comparison to other missions.
Mission radius markers are now much easier to spot and see.
"Can you subdue the Elkar": new Scorched Gorge Outpost combat missions, expanding the Project Elkar storyline.
New global Harvesting mission "Gypsum or Bust". The fashion world didn’t get left behind on Earth.
New OWON combat mission, "Deal with Grazing Okolats in O'Doyle Meadow".
O'Doyle Meadow: new FPR combat missions inside OWON territory, "Blocking the Camp". Since the mission is for FPR characters inside OWON territory, it will give higher rewards.
New delivery mission "Sworn to Secrecy". Bigger, faster, louder, that's the fun stuff.
New global delivery mission "A Bit of Old Tech". Things really were simpler, back then on Earth.
New cross-area mission linking Freedomtown with Thicket Overwatch "Project Elkar", with complex dialogs, Achievements and hidden bonus goals.
New OWON combat mission "Remove Grazing Hokfig in Leverstow"
Freedomtown: new delivery mission "Expanding Our Reach", about diplomacy through old guns.
Freedomtown: new delivery mission "Plugging a leak". The hokfig roars at midnight.
Freedomtown: new delivery mission "Art by Other Means". New planet, old wisdom.
Freedomtown: new entertainment mission "Infernal Tidings": the tall tale of the infernal setlang!
Miners in Ollaseca need protection: three new FPR hunting missions, "Arrvor Attacks", "Eliminating the Scavengers", and "Clearing the Way".
The new parasite collections are now flagged as repeatable.
Lurkers and Okolats cannot be allowed to consider Twin Falls as part of their territory: two new FPR hunting missions, "A Lurker Oddity" and "Driving Them Out".
New OWON hunting mission: "Deal with Morgenstern Cacti in Leverstow". Thorny job, but somebody's gotta do it.
Leverstow: new FPR hunting mission in OWON territory, "Spine Samples". Since it's a mission behind enemy lines, the mission provides larger rewards.
New OWON hunting mission: "Remove Grazing Hokfigs in Murkwar".
Rewrote the repeatable medical collection missions in Plymouth City and Freedomtown. You can now turn in both Rock or Bark Parasites for your reward, both are obtained through harvesting. We also improved the dialogs and it is possible to turn in items you have already collected immediately.
Pinon Pines: two new OWON combat missions, "Deal with Scaed'ecoo Foragers in Pinion Pines" and "Deal with Grazing Okolats in Pinion Pines".
New OWON combat mission, "Remove Scaed'ecoo Foragers in Leverstow"
Murkwar: new FPR hunting mission in OWON territory, "Hokfig Purge". Since it's a mission behind enemy lines, the mission provides larger rewards.
Pinon Pines: two new FPR combat missions inside OWON territory, "Panic in the Pines" and "Forager Hunt". These give much higher rewards, to compensate for the larger risk.
Freedomtown: new delivery mission "Periodic Maintenance", expanding Kodiak Blander's storyline.
Freedomtown: new quest "Yaco's Secret", introducing the Anne Tolley Society.
New global Harvesting mission "The Ore Must Flow". The power grid demands ore!
Fanshaw Hollow: two new OWON combat missions, "Hunt the Rocharus in Fanshaw Hollow" and "Deal with Fragaria Achillea in Fanshaw Hollow".
New cross-area mission linking Thicket Overwatch with Scorched Gorge Outpost: "Subduing the Elkar", with complex dialogs, Achievements and hidden bonus goals.
Freedomtown: new quest "Jack Jumper Infestation".
New global harvesting mission "Armorsmith Supplies Wanted – Borax"; always bring some to a shockgun fight.
Fanshaw Hollow: two new FPR combat missions inside OWON territory, "Burn the Hollow " and "Drive the Herd". Since the missions are for FPR characters inside OWON territory, these give much higher rewards to compensate for the larger risk.
"A Calprates Problem": Hunting Rep Gwen Oulopathis needs some calprates dealt with in Westood.
New OWON combat mission "Remove Adult Drakes in Ren Canyon".
Westwood: new FPR combat mission "Teaching Them a Lesson"; Teco Carabajal makes good on his promise during "Thieving Riffraff".
Murkwar: new FPR combat missions inside OWON territory, "Trophy for the Wall". Since the mission is for FPR characters inside OWON territory, it will give higher rewards.
Bald Forest: new FPR combat mission "A Need To Stop Them"; the Lesoo must not be allowed to use rhinocs against us.
Bald Forest: new FPR combat mission "Too Many Raxin".
New global tradeskill mission "Armorsmith Supplies Wanted – Ethylene". Join the stasis resistance!


We have introduced a new NPC species. The Helltyr are a hardy species that will be utilized for higher end group content. Their attacks are of the overpowering sort with multiple strong but telegraphed abilities.
Elkar have a new pouncing attack where they attempt to leap past a group of players and then attack them from behind. Players can avoid this if they move quickly enough. This is a devastating attack that will motivate the Elkar while destroying affected players momentum.
The Scaed'ecoo's leaping ability can now be avoided but does increased damage when it lands.
Some NPCs at Ranger Station 56 have become more talkative.
Less Elkar are now crawlers, with the majority of them walking on their feet. Some still prefer it on all fours.
Lurkers have moved into the lake in Arboleda.
Altered some of the NPC positions in Ammann Village to better take advantage of the new props.
Tweaked some NPC outfits to improve their appearance.


Each pet can now be given a unique name. This was previously intended but the way it was indexing did not allow you to individually name pets of the same type. This is now possible. To name a pet target it and type /pet name .
Adjusted the Pursue code for pets so they will better track their prey as they were running point to point before and not adjusting their destination like npcs do.
You can now gain pet skill while controlling pets, so long as they are actively involved and you are not flagged as a bot.
Summoning pets will no longer increase pet skill.
Medbots have had their healing effectiveness reduced.
Reduced pet damage output.

Player Created Tournaments

Player Created Tournaments have been added to the game. In the future these will be available in new Arena structures which can be placed in player created cities. They are currently available in a new test instance, but the actual arenas themselves will not be instanced.
The creator of a tournament is considered the sponsor. They can optionally add credits or items to the prize pool, as well as setting the rules of the tournament. You can specify rules such as armor and weapon types, if features such as vehicles, pets or consumables are allowed, number of players per team, number of teams, etc.
Tournaments can also specify an optional buy in cost that each player will need to pay to participate. The creator of the tournament can specify how many teams will receive a portion of this prize pool. Rewards are distributed automatically via in-game mail.
Other players in the arena can observe matches, but are unable to participate.
Added new terminal types for accessing information about, or creating Player Created Tournaments.
Introduced new tournament oriented achievements and titles.

Player vs. Player

You can now use the /pvp command to get stats on your lifetime PvP statistics. Only tournaments are currently supported, but we'll add open world stats in the future. In the future this information will be integrated into the character sheet.
Reduced damage dealt in Player vs. Player Combat.
Added a new Player vs. Player achievement category and some achievements to support it.

Skills and Abilities

Ability Enhancements can now grant procs to abilities.
Added a new Venomous Spray ability enhancement which can be applied to Aerosol based Spray and Cloud abilities to alter their damage type from thermal to biochemical damage. It will also alter their firing effects.
Increased the skill gain rate on the following abilities: First Aid, Counter-attack, Veterinary Medicine, Protection, Shield Tactics, Thrown Weapons Defense, Defensive Knowledge, and Leadership.You will now automatically gain skill when dual wielding, albeit slowly.
You can now gain skill by lying traps, where previously you only gained it from disabling or crafting them.
Cleaned up some of the Skill Imprinting code to make it easier to understand. You now get 1 point in a skill using the following qualities. Poor : 20, Lesser: 15, Standard: 10, Greater; 7, Excellent: 5. If you have the minimum it will now show properly as a result and will not eat extra points it does not need.
Increased potency of Entertainer buffs.
Made numerous adjustments to the armor skill gain curve to make it easier to gain armor skill.
The Motivate ability (Leadership) is now more more effective as an Endurance Heal.
Added an Energy Penetration increase to the Pistoleer ability, in addition to it's max range bonus.
Reduced the skill requirement for the Trap Knowledge ability: Explosive Trap from 30 to 20 skill.
There are new theft opportunities at the Fisher's Hut in Arboleda.
Tweaked the recent skill gain diminishing return system.
You can no longer throw grenades while swimming.
Slightly reduced the effectiveness of leech abilities.
Cure Animal (Veterinary Medicine), Nano-Vaccine (First Aid), and Advanced Nano-Vaccine (First Aid) have all had their effectiveness increased.
Certain abilities can now give instant Momentum bonus boosts.
The Pistoleer ability (Handgun Tactics) is now functional. It was previously giving a NO TARGET error even though it was self only.
Fixed some issues Turn the Tide ability (Defensive Knowledge) and increased its effectiveness.

Trade Skills

Water Harvesters have been added. Water harvesters work about 3x faster and hold 3x more resources that other types of harvesters since water is in high demand.
Adjusted the Hopper Size Display on the Client for Harvesters with the new grade update. The grade also shows up on the icon in the Harvester Node Display as well as some updates on the backend to apply the new adjusted values.
"Small" Harvesters renamed to Rapid. Extraction rate changed to 60 and their Hopper size increased to 30.
Introduced a new Installations recipe:Cable Construction.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:City Wall Corner Construction
Added several new types of Trophy Fish. These can currently be used to get a larger than normal yield of results from. In the future they'll also be able to be converted into furniture items and perhaps tied into other recipes.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Support Wall Construction.
Introduced a new Installations recipe: Floor Base Fabrication.
Introducing new crafting recipe from Carpentry: Composite Table Assembly.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Shanty Wall Section.
Added Table Stonework recipe to Carpentry; this allows stone tabletops to be created.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Structural Wall Module Construction.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Generic Wall Section
Added Hassock Construction and Curule Seat Creation to Advanced Carpentry. These recipes include 8 unique results and are able to be made at skill 500.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Tower Component Construction
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Tower Walkway Construction
Introduced a new Installations recipe:Electrical Module
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Small Wall Construction
Added Bar Stool Fabrication, Solid Base Metal Chair Creation, and Metal-Polymer Chair Production. These recipes produce 17 unique results and are available in the Carpentry 101 book.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Wall Column Construction.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:City Wall Construction.
Introduced a new Installation recipe:Wooden Wall Section.
Introduced a new Hacking recipe:Light Bulb Production.
Added water harvesters and fishing locations to Koleyna.
Added 4 Floor Modules and their respective recipes in Installations
Introduced a new Installations recipe:Industrial Generator Construction
Introduced a new Culinary Arts recipe: Grilled Fillet. This recipe takes prepared Fish Fillets and cooks them into a consumable result.
Rearranged harvestable regions near the Shed to adjust for the remodeled area.
Introduced a new Installations recipe:Generator Production
Added plant and lumber generated resources to Twin Hills.
Added the following harvestable resources to the Lurker Bog: Thorium, Maeglium and Falasium. Generated resources are also now more rich in minerals. These are in addition to the previous resources in the area.
You can now create fillets from more types of Fish.
The Sapless Foothills is now more rich in generated resources.
Ice Cod has been renamed to Cod so they can be found in more locations.
Added generated resources to a small section Southeast of Freedomtown which is tricky to reach.
Hok Weed Leaves can now be harvested from Hok Weeds. These can be used in brewing and as flavor extract.
The static resource regions in Sapless Foothills have been moved in some cases to better match the areas new geometry.
Added the following harvestable resources to Judair Gulch: Hudson Fir and Saverous Tree.
The Flavor Extraction recipe (Culinary Arts) will now take Hok Weed Leaves to create Hok Extract.
The Sapless Mesa had it's generated resource spawners completely redone and now includes more generated resources.
Added harvester spawn points for water processing to suitable locations throughout the world.
Added more generated resource opportunities to the Aemar Hydro Plant.
There are now fishing locations in Obstinada and Terminus Mire, which previously had no fish.
Bark Parasites can now be harvested from more types of trees. These are rare harvests which can be turned in to medical collectors for rewards.
Introducing new crafting recipe from Carpentry: Wooden Table Assembly Circular Four Legged Table Circular Three Legged Table Decorative Wood and Metal Table Elegant Four Legged Table Circular Wooden Table with Flared Base Square Flare Based Wooden Table Basic Square Table Decorative Square Table Elegant Square Table Post-Modern Table Basic Picnic Table Basic Wooden Table Elegant Wooden Table Elegant Wood and Metal Table Post-Modern Wooden Table Elegant Curved Wooden Table Decorative Stone and Metal Table Sabre Legged Stone and Metal Table
The Sapless Pass is now rich in generated ore and minerals, but has little in the way of plants or wood.
Added a Crafting Station to Arboleda. It is at the Fisher's Hut.
The Obstinada area is rich in Niurevium (two fields), Kupletsike (two fields) and Monazite.
The Leather Covered Chair Padding Creation recipe now properly asks for Specialty Filling rather than Filling.
The Cloth Chair Padding Creation recipe is now functional. It previously had it's crafting branches mixed up.
Terminus Mire: this marshy area provides Lesapen, Kosha, Pratinus, Azul and Samr.
The Beer recipe will now produce 5 beers rather than one.
Standard and Large Harvesters introduced. They have larger hopper sizes, but slower extraction rates.
Fruit Gelatin can now be used as a crafting component, as originally intended.
The Fillet Preparation (Culinary Arts), Crustacean Extraction (Fishing), and Chemical Extraction Fish (Fishing) recipes now accept new component types to include the new rare Trophy Fish.
Added Harvesters to the appropriate vendors.
There are an increased number of generated resources in Twin Falls.
The following crafting icons were updated or changed: Hexamine, Petite Chair Apron, Beam Containment, Graduated Sight, Graduated Sight Assembly, Beam Trigger Assembly, Vehicle Control Development Kit, Beam Power Assembly, Beam Carbine Barrel Assembly, Beam Rifle Barrel Asesmbly, Beam Pistol Stock Assembly, Standard Chair Apron, Cannister, Rifle Stock, Composite Fore Grip, Composite Pistol Grip, and Vehicle Control Chip.
The Fish Fillet recipe (Culinary Arts) has been renamed to Fillet Preparation and had a problem corrected where Tilapiine were giving a cooked fish rather than the uncooked fillet.
Added grade values to some types of Sapphires which did not previously have this data. This allows them to be used properly in crafting.

User Interface

There are now filter buttons in the Mail Window which allow you to filter out Auction or Mission Emails, similar to the inventory filters.
Mails are now color coded based on the contents. Mails which contain a mission are displayed in Cyan. Auctions are displayed in Green, where ordinary mails are displayed in White.
Waypoints can now be given names to make them easier to organize.
Mousing over player created or system created waypoints will now display the type of waypoint in a tooltip or the waypoint name if it has one.
Numlock now is mapped to AutoForward by default.
Skill tooltips will now display the progress to the next tier in the tip with the text: Progress: / .
Increased the Length of the Recipe Progress bars so it wasn't clipping text at the edges.
The Mail Tip now has information on the new email filters.
Items drug from Inventory to the Compose Email slots are no longer removed from your inventory unless they are sent. You can also no longer drag icons back out of the slots on top of existing items as that was causing issues as well as you don't want to swap something already in your inventory.
Miscellaneous mouse over tooltips have had their background color scheme altered.
The Crafting window now is destroyed and reopened if you click on another recipe so the data is properly cleaned up as it was leaving behind information from the old recipe and didn't need to be doing any complicated transfers of data anyway. This fixes the difficulty, history, and items left in the slots issues.
You can define a name in a waypoint by using a new optional 6th argument when adding waypoints.


New Freedomtown area: Terminus Mire, where many of those fleeing from Plymouth died during the Exodus. The area is home to Okolats, a few Lurkers and Turlocs. The Lesoo, displaced by humans from better areas, have set a camp here.
Scorched Gorge has received a content pass. This includes decorations in a newly accessible portion of the area, improved mob distribution, more generated resources, and new camp opportunities.
The Fisher's Hut has opened shop in Arboleda. It provides a vendor who can be inquired with and crafting station.
Doma Highland should now be more accessible from area of Timbertol.
Many small changes were made to the mob population Southeast of Freedomtown. This includes new camp and mob locations, and thinned density.
Reconnected the Luker's Lair cave to Fool's Sanctuary.
Reconnected "Taken in the Night" mission cave back to Plymouth Hills.
Many adjustments were made to the spawns in The Sticks. This includes smaller adversarial camps.
Ghetti Gorge, Bloodfang Cave and War Wagon Valley all received a visual update.
Made significant changes to mob population and distribution in the Lurker Bog. This also includes the introduction of Arrvor into the area.
Scorched Gorge Outpost's night life has attracted a small pack of Elkars, which has taken residence in the area.
Improved mob distribution and increased mob counts in Judair Gulch. This takes advantage of a new more open terrain style in the area. Lesoo have a presence in the area now, and additional bosses have been added. New adversarial camp locations and types have also been added.
Numerous adjustments were made to spawns in the area South of Freedomtown. This includes new sections of mobs, and less mobs overall.
Improved mob and resource distribution in both the Sapless Mesa and Sapless Foothills.
Smoothed the front road out of Scorched Gorge Outpost. so you can more easily pass in that direction.
Tweaked spawns in Plymouth Pond to compensate for the new shoreline.
Added props to Timbertoc
Improved fog effects in Plymouth Pond.
Reduced the number of Prowling Lesoo Scouts in Obstinada.
Smoothed some rough patches of terrain in Daxton.
Named some previously unnamed locations in Aza.
Decreased mob density in Searcher's Valley.
Rotated some of the fire extinguishers in Freedomtown so the instructions were facing outward.
Tweeked the FPR Training Engagement by increasing the defender's damage/range so they don't get overwhelmed. The bot has been significantly weakened as well, it could nearly one shot someone and now does damage in the 100s.
Trees were added to a previously unused portion of the Judair Gulch.
Added a good number of lesoo barrels which can be stolen from to Obstinada.
FPR characters can now respawn at the Fisher's Hut in Arboleda.
Adjustments were made to the spawns and camps in Ambergris Grove.
Koleyna now features dust storms.
Added a few props and lights to Aemar Hydro Plant.
Numerous adjustments were made to mob distribution and density near the Aemar Hydro Plant.
Improved mob distribution in Ollaseca.
Added trees to a barren section of Obstinada.
Smoothed out an alternate fork of a road in the Sticks and made it easier to travel.
Moved the arrival point in Sapless Pass to be further away from the lava areas.
Visual improvements were made to the FPR Training Facilities.
Smoothed some rough patches of mountain in the Sapless Pass.
Added props, lights, and signs to Fort Hudson buildings.
Freedomtown: new area, Obstinada. This is the place where, during the Exodus, those fleeing from Plymouth entered the boglands, and things went from bad to worse. Nowadays several Lesoo clans, pushed by humans from more desirable locations, seek shelter in its plains and caves.
Lots of minor clean up in the Plymouth and Timbertol regions. Grass, trees, or geometry fixes in numerous areas.
Added trees to the new west side of the Lurker Bog.
Smoothed out a rough section of terrain behind Ranger Station 56.
Reduced mob density at the Twin Falls.
Made adjustments to the spawn locations in Southern Pass to make travel easier.
The pass between Scar's Wall and Drake's Pass has re-opened.
Added many props to all outside buildings at Kaavo Hold.
Terrain adjustments near the Twin Hills and Scorched Gorge borders, as well as improved paths.
Added props to Fort Hudson.
Added lava pits and props to Scorched Barrier.
The roads in Twin Hills are now safer.
Numerous mob and NPC distribution changes in Plymouth Pond.
Lava pits in Scorched Gorge, Scorched Barrier & Scorched Gorge Outpost now illuminate light at night time.
Added some props to Fort Hudson.
Drake's Pass can now be reached from the east of Charred Valley.

Bug Fixes

Batching now properly checks if the batching server is properly running before consuming your items to submit the batch.
Vehicle despawning will now properly clear out the mount information on a character so you don't stay mounted and floating in mid air after it goes poof.
Found and fixed the bug that was causing missions to not take into account items or fittings which you already had in your inventory when the mission was accepted. Players could previously move the item to a new slot to fix it, but that is no longer necessary.
NPCs should no longer warp when they die, instead they should update normally syncing the position properly between the client/server. This could of been potentially eating other issues on the client though as it was eating updates to dead creatures, but the server should probably not be sending them instead of the client correcting.
Fixed a number of combat AI issues with cover and state changes making things work a bit more properly with AIs that take cover.
Fixed an issue with Inquiry and dialog windows.
Repaired a problem that was causing NPCs arms to twist when striking if they were holding a fishing pole.
Turrent/Sentinel NPCs will properly set down their sight detection to their firing range as it was causing them to target things out of their firing range and keep trying to select the target to attack.
Stitched terrain seams in Claw Canyon.
Adjusted the Inventory/Bank back to the original setup until the issue can be fixed that is causing disconnects.
Added the correct animation for pistol/melee idle.
Grounded floating trees and rocks in the Lurker Bog.
The OWON/Rogue spawn point in Sapless Mesa is now in a safer location.
Fixed floating trees in Ambergris Grove.
Fixed some floating rocks South of Freedomtown.
The Motivate ability (Leadership) had it's description adjusted to be more accurate as to what it achieves.
Stitched a terrain seam on the back side of the Freedomtown newbie hunting area.
Fixed an issue with skill gains when you didn't have a secondary weapon.
Moved the arrival point in Runa Grove to a more suitable location.
Made a few adjustments to lights and props in Freedomtown to improve it's appearance.
Fixed an issue with players being unable to dance on occasion in the Freedomtown pub.
Fixed a rock formation in Lurker Bog which was rotated incorrectly, exposing it's hollow insides.
Repaired an issue which was causing players who were forced to rogue to be unable to attack NPCs.
Stitched terrain seams in Runa Grove.
Moved the arrival point at the Carter Archeological Site to a more suitable location.
Corrected an issue where bone rotation was not working for handgun animations.
Cleaned up some rough terrain patches and floating trees near the Aemar Hydro Plant.
Fixed an issue with empty chat tabs.
Dousing fires in Freedomtown should now play FX for nearby players to witness.
Resolved a problem with players not being able to attack opposing teams in some cases in Player Created Tournaments.
Fixed some pathing issues with OWON-Backed bandits in the Scorched Gorge Outpost.
Fixed the water depth in Twin Falls.
Fixed an issue with timed missions that was causing errors during login (noticed it when I showed up in the air on beta).
Fixed some backfacing issues on some rocks in Twin Hills.
Aggro checks on npcs now sort by distance if the list is small enough so when npcs pop in they won't go and smack something far away from them.
Mobs and resources should no longer spawn on tree branches near the Aemar Hydro Plant.
Fixed an issue with with NPC hostility group coloration for Rogue Nation members.
Stitched terrain seams in the Lurker Bog, Elkar Wood, Brenning, Obstinada, Terminus Mire, and Bog's Edge.
Tracking or mission arrows will no longer appear within the full map, but appear normally on the minimap.
Fixed a flying Lesoo Tent inside one of the dens in Murkwar.
Corrected a problem which was preventing NPCs, waypoints and markers from appearing on the Full Map.
The arrival path in Lenwood is now in a more suitable location which is away from mobs.
Corrected a problem with tameable NPCs being killed by their own kind.
Fixed an issue that was causing some FX to not cancel when they should have.
Corrected an issue with group members not getting credit in some cases when a kill is made.
Codie Arzu has gotten rid of a bad habit of standing on chairs.
Fixed a bug that could give the text "Pet must be called before rename!" when you weren't attempting to rename a pet.
Corrected a problem with the post-teleport grounding code.
Fixed an issue that could occur on item or fitting related activatable effects that had a casting time.
Fixed an issue with the water not reaching the shore at one spot in the Aemar Hydro Plant.
Hok Weed Leaves are now flagged as the proper branch.
Recipes will properly now increase to 1000 points. The display now displays Grand Master at this point value as well.
Fixed the text on some outdated hints in loading screens.
Smoothed a rough section of terrain in the lake Southeast of Freedomtown.
Fixed a waterblock in Terminus Mire which was jutting out of a mountain.
Fixed an issue with the Elkar Crawl forward animation.
Fixed the snapping in the aiming handgun animation when going to/from the animation. Female was really bad, she is moving much smoother after the change.
Flagged some trees in Ammann Village so they will not appear on the minimap. This was for cases where they were covering road or NPC radar blips.
Fixed the cutoff issue with the vehicle Tip info as it wasn't displaying the rather useful ctrl+d for dismount.
Corrected minor typos in Unholy Creations, Assistance from Sept Falls, Widgie Beer, Human Test Subjects.
Fixed a section of water that didn't reach the shore Southeast of Freedomtown.
Fixed the spatial issues with Housing. It should now properly place objects if you load them in a different zone and move them to the proper zone if they were loaded in another area originally.
Elkar will no longer stand up to attack if they are crawlers.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the Bench Production recipe from working.
Fixed an aggro related issue at Ranger Station 56, with some NPCs attacking rogue players who did not have bad faction with OWON.
Fixed an issue with abilities that use items in your inventory and not being able to use those items if they were in containers.
"Building a Case Against ALT": fixed an issue that ended one of the dialogs incorrectly.
Grounded floating trees Southeast of Freedomtown.
Corrected some issues with the camp spawners in the Sapless Pass, there were too many and too closely packed.
Fixed some rooming issues with regions near Plymouth Pond.
Stitched terrain seams and fixed buried trees in Torn Mist Valley.
Seeing is Believing: fixed an issue with a goal not activating properly.
Fixed a small section where water wasn't reaching the shore at the top of the waterfall in Northern Trails.
The OWON and Rogue spawn point in Scar's Wall is now in a safer spot.
Fixed issues with trees either floating or spawning on top of rock in the Arid Grove.
Fixed a bug which was occasionally causing players to be floating in the air after a teleport.
Corrected an issue which was preventing endurance leeches from restoring the activator's endurance properly. This affected abilities like Turn the Tide.
Ranged Light Penetration fittings no longer use Melee Repair Kits.
Relocated some mobs which were spawning right on the seams in The Pipeworks.
Fixed a bug in regional audio switching settings.
Fixed an issue with rotation being locked for other players when flagging was not properly reset when going out of looting or extracting causing players to have rotation issues or staying completely locked rotation wise while in combat.
Moved the arrival path in the Sapless Foothills to a more suitable location.
Stitched terrain seams along the Ammann River.
Fixed a typo in the Sharpshooter effect description.
Stitched terrain seams near The Shed.
Fixed an issue that was preventing gore from displaying on certain NPC attacks.
Stitched terrain seams on the Blood Valley/Leverstow border.
Fixed a number of floating trees in Sapless Foothills.
Corrected some problems with the supply escort engagement in Scorched Gorge Outpost.
Fixed a floating rock formation in Twin Falls.
Adjusted how the Data Node for auctions/work orders is loaded so it will properly survive the patching process.
Cleaned up some terrain issues on the Scar's Wall/Claw Canyon border.
Repaired a large gap in the terrain in the Bald Forest.
You can no longer jump while in an override posture (looting, mining, etc).
Fixed a floating Lesoo Camp spawner in Blood Valley.
Cleaned up terrain and texture issues in Tandil.
Fixed a section of water in Lower Daxton that didn't quite reach the shore.
Removed heat wave effects from some sections near Scorched Gorge Outpost where lava had been removed.
Fixed an issue with generated resources occasionally spawning on tree branches in Twin Hills.
Accuracy checks were for some reason still present on NPCs. This was changed, they probably still need some kind of range/damage modifier like players, but the missing was happening a bit to often.
Cleaned up some issues with angry Hokfig near the Twin Hills housing area.
Fixed an issue when the first time a housing structure is attempted to be placed down it creates a copy that does not go away until you relog.
Fixed Composite Boots Armor Value (5 to 50).
Fixed Medium Tactical Leggings Armor Value.
Fixed Medium Tactical Chest Energy Values (along with Pre-Fitted Version)
Fixed Light Tactical Chest Energy Values (along with Pre-Fitted version).
The Booknapper achievement no longer has it's title displayed in parenthesis.

Quelle: https://www.therepopulation.com/index.ph...ust-2014-report

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