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Hacker Reports

We have multiple ways of reporting hackers:

•First and foremost you can report players in-game by typing "FairFight Player_Name Reason for report". This is the first initial phase of our reporting feature and we will be updating this to make it much easier to report players, especially those with weird characters.
•You can use our Hacker Forum.
•Lastly, you can report hackers to our support ticket service. http://support.playwarz.com

It is extremely important to note: When submitting a player as a hacker (on the forums or support ticket) to include as much information as possible. A video of the incident is the best form of evidence.

Template on how to report a hacker in both tickets and Forums

You can report suspected cheaters in 2 places:
warz.zendesk.com, and http://forums.playwarz.com/forumdisp...er-Discussions

Thread Name or Ticket Name:
Cheater Report

Inside the thread or Ticket:

Name(s) of the Character suspected of cheating: (If you know multiple of his character names please list them.)

***Name of your character: (My Character name)

Information detailing the event: (What happened? What did you see? What cheat was he using? ETC…)

Photo(s) or Video(s) of the event: (Required for reports forums/tickets. Also make sure to point out timings or what to look at when posting an image(s) or video(s).)

See rules about needing image/video for forum post here:

Hackers Caught

We've banned ~3.5% of the total monthly player base for using hacks on our servers, and ruining the gaming experience for those that play fair. Out of the players that have been banned ~25% have submitted ban appeal tickets and/or forum posts.

Hacker Appeals

Unfortunate as it is, we have confirmed that the hack sites have been asking their banned users to submit tickets and forum posts, claiming innocent. However, the influx of claims has really helped reassure the validity of our anti-hack methods, as we have been constantly double and triple checking multiple accounts.

We all have seen tons of players claiming false bans and we have investigated (to date) ~60% of the claims. At the time of this posting we have less than .001% of those players that have been falsely banned. These players have all had their accounts unbanned and are enjoying the game once again.

Moving Forward

We will be adding new staff that will focus primarily on ban investigations as well as in-game monitoring of players. This means we will have players undercover, on servers, monitoring the activity of other players and suspected hackers, live.

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