#1 RE: DARKFALL UNHOLY WARS Beta Report and Status Update Dec 18th von Quinthar 19.12.2012 18:08


The following has been posted in the Beta forum, also cross-posted here for informational purposes regarding the status of the beta:

First of all, we feel the need to thank you all for an impressive effort at providing us with feedback. This is a testament to the Darkfall community – the maturity with which you have approached this beta so far is close to professional, we recall a similar experience during the original Darkfall Online beta test. We think this is awesome, and we really appreciate everything.

So here’s some initial information:

Things are running slower than normal, due to the severe traffic and due to the debug nature of the build. Also, since we put the build together hastily without enough testing, issues have surfaced that we are now dealing with.

We did bring down the NA server for a few hours to investigate and fix an issue. On the other hand, so far the debug beta build has been remarkably stable; there hasn't been a single crash on either of the two servers, even with all the hammering. I mention this only because it’s a very good omen for the entire beta phase.

We’re putting out a patch tonight to address a bug which makes players stay in the world after they've timed out or crashed, and this kept them from returning to the game. This should improve the queuing issues as well, we think significantly. There will still be queuing, due to the extremely high number of players trying to enter the game at the same time but we hope this improves considerably after the patch and in the next couple of days.

The patch will also address a few more issues like a missing area that wasn't being loaded by the game, and it’s adding more tools so that we can get more feedback from the game itself in order to be able to proactively fix things as quickly as possible. There are also some lobby bugs being addressed and other fixes we can squeeze in.

We’re also fixing the login server now that we have the data from the last 12 hours, and this should also speed things up considerably. The NetSSL error some people have been experiencing can be fixed by the solution posted here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975858

We've been working round the clock, and we’ll continue doing so. We've collected and codified all of your feedback and this has been prioritized and is being addressed as we speak. We have a good capacity for dealing with all the issues and we feel we’ll be able to quickly get the game into good shape.

So far we've been collecting and processing the data so you haven’t been getting much feedback, we’re going to start communicating with high frequency so we can have some interaction, and this should help very much in our effort to improve the user experience. We will also issue a daily report at around this time every day and we’re working on collecting all known issues into one post, this should happen tomorrow.

We've also noticed a lot of good suggestions mixed in with the bug reporting, so we’re putting up a suggestions forum so that we can separate these and start a cleaner discussion.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you updated on a regular basis. Please keep up the good work, we’re counting on it and we’ll keep doing everything in our power to address your issues as quickly as possible.

This will also be posted in the public forum to serve as an update for those wondering what's happening, this will not be the case with most status reports, we need to be able to discuss the issues in as much detail as possible.

Thank you for reading.

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