#1 RE: DARKFALL UNHOLLY WARS Update Dec 16 von Quinthar 16.12.2012 16:34


Hello everyone,

We've put up a torrent to make things a little easier for those getting slow download speeds. The URL is:

After you download it, launch DFUW_1.0.9.2.exe to install.
If you've already installed and started patching, you can still stop the lobby, use the torrent to download the data files, then copy them into Program Filies/Darkfall Unholy Wars/data before restarting the lobby.

We've also been working on the error messages that you're reporting, the majority of the timeouts are due to the heavy load, and should clear up. Thank you for all the feedback and to the community members posting workarounds that worked for them.

We're working on a couple of serious bugs that we discovered during final testing in the beta version, they have to do with item persistence. We expect we'll have these fixed in time for tomorrow's beta launch.

There will be an NDA you have to click to agree to before participating in the beta. We'll lift this as soon as possible. We're also hoping to have a private forum for everyone participating in the beta in time for tomorrow, we need to link the DFUW accounts with the forum accounts, but for the moment the bugs I mentioned earlier are our top priority and everyone is on them.

We're also working on including Paysafe Card and other alternative payment methods, we should have these available within the pre-order period. We apologize for the delay.

That's all for now, we'll keep you informed of the status through updates like this one.

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