#1 RE: DARKFALL UNHOLY WARS New Skills/Roles von Quinthar 16.12.2012 15:32



Warrior/Slayer - Barrage, Battle rage, Crushing blow, Power attack, Vampiric strike

Warrior/Champion - Battle cry, Burst of speed, Dragoon, Guardian aura, Healing ray,

Primalist/Chaos - Blight, Come hither, Purple fog, Shield of entropy, Sphere of silence.

Primalist/Law - Flames of judgement, Magebane aura, Magebane ward, Virtuous wrath, Wall of righteous force

Primalist/Life - Consecrate, Gift of Life, Healing blast, Healing totem, Sanctify, Spirit bond (there are 6?)

Primalist/Pain - Curse, Eye rot, Impale, Lifestealer, Withering cry.

Brawler/Duelist - Flurry, Lacerate, Lunge, Pummel, Uncanny focus.

Brawler/Blackguard - Counter attack, Fade into darkness, Lick wounds, Slow trap, Smoke screen.

Mage/Earth - Acid rain, Corrosive blast, Earthquake, Poison infusion, Stone skin,

Mage/Water - Attunement to water, Bitterstep, Blizzard, Frostbite, Water trap.

Common Skills - break fall, disabling blow, disabling shot, gank, heal mount, heal self, health to mana, light, mana to stam, repair, rest, revive, stam to health, unburden

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