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Darkfall Unholy Wars - Features

Become a Legend

Pick a role out of the 4 available – combine schools in a role.

Pick one of the available roles, Warrior, Skirmisher, Elementalist and Primalist (coming soon). Explore the various schools associated with each role and combine them to find your favorite way to slay your foes!

Switch to any role – try different play styles all in one character – no need for alts.

Switch between roles at any time! Be a heavy-armored battletank one moment, then quickly change to a master of pain and curses the next. Whether through curiosity or situational need, you will have the option to shift your role and function as you see fit.

Skill based progression.

No more experience points. Choose your strengths and hone them to mastery! Progression is entirely skill based, giving you the freedom to build your character as you prefer!

Focus in one path and become viable fast.

Whether you take your time and explore your options, or focus on one pathway and achieve greatness as soon as possible, the choice is yours. There is no ‘wrong’ way to play!

Combine a role with an attribute booster for extra customization

Discover and unlock a variety of different attribute and combat boosters to enhance and customize your gameplay!

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Epic World

Enjoy a seamless, massive, uninstanced persistent world

Enjoy a seamless world, massive and persistent with no zones or boundaries!

Everything you see is within your reach.

There are no artificial barriers In Agon, if you can see it, you can reach it. No artificial barriers or invisible walls will hinder your exploration or search for interesting places to slaughter each other!

Travel by mount, ship, or magical means

A host of options are available to help you travel the lands and seas! From a diverse navy of boats and ships to exotic and fearsome mounts or even powerful artifacts and magics to whisk you to the far-flung corners of the world!

Encounter over one hundred unique monster types equipped with superior AI

Encounter (and possibly even survive) hundreds of unique and bloodthirsty monsters and powerful beings with incredibly complex and cunning Artificial Intelligence more eager than the next to help you kick that nasty habit of living!

Dynamic lighting and shadows Dynamic lighting and shadow effects bring the world leaping out of your screen.

Explore dazzling sun-lit forests and stalk unwary victims through the darkest shadows Environmental sounds and music create the ultimate immersive environment. Unparalleled environmental ambience and music immerse you into the richest gaming environment you will ever encounter!

Different ecosystems and unique locations to explore

Each corner and land of Agon is a unique locale, teeming with it’s own unique denizens, legendary monsters and rich, personal climate!

The world is handmade from scratch.

Every item has been hand-placed by the Unholy Wars designers. The world of Agon is built ground-up completely from scratch. Every single item, object and tree lovingly hand-placed by the Unholy Wars design team!

Compete with other players and use skill, teamwork, and territory knowledge to complete Darkfall Unholy Wars’ challenging quests and feats.

Challenge fellow adventurers and use your finely honed skills, teamwork and knowledge of the lands you discover to unlock and complete a host of challenging feats and quests written to immerse you in the stories of the Unholy Wars!

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Visceral Battles

Real time, fast paced, manual aimed combat.

An intensity and explosive real time combat system that demands and rewards skill and lightning reflexes! The combination of first person shooter battles and rpg style strategy and abilities merge together in a truly epic experience!

Player skill matters.

Mindless tab-targeting and ever-repeating skill rotations have no place here! Only your own skills will make the difference between laughing at your enemies and humiliation (death too, of course).

Full loot.

Experience the adrenalin of a world where death has real consequence! The need for survival is suddenly a whole lot more potent when you can lose everything you own at the hands of looters!

Naval combat (Quite limited for launch).

Build a vast navy and take to the seas! A large number of different kinds of naval vessels will be at your disposal to bring rich strategy and variety to coastal battles! (This feature will be limited at launch but updated very soon after).

Mounted Combat.

Train your peons (or friends) to charge into the fray on fearsome mounts to experience cavalry style battles as you clash with your enemy!

Small scale skirmishes.

Battle is around every corner, be it the city sieges of clan warfare or the explosive conflicts of sudden, unexpected skirmishes as you travel the lands!

Friendly fire – collision detection.

Though no rules are strict on the matter, if you wish to keep your friends (intact) you must learn to place your swings with care! Full collision detection brings the true chaos of combat to the forefront.

Use tactics in the battle field and change the odds.

Swing the tide of the direst of battles to your advantage by using cunning tactics and strategy!

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Play it your Way

Take a moment before you crash through into the wilds of Agon.

You may take whichever path you wish to the epic legend that your prowess will carve! Hone your skills in the tranquility of areas protected against the havoc and mayhem of the lands beyond! Join allies and discover the basics of battle at any pace you enjoy.

Learn to play the game at your own pace

Discover the world to come at whatever pace you enjoy with neither a limit to how long you stay in relative safety or a constraint to rushing to meet the great beyond as soon as you arrive!

Take your first steps in a specially designed location for new players

Enjoy the learning the game in relative safety and tranquility afforded to you by locations designed especially for those fresh to the dangerous world of Agon!

Get a grip of the basics while experiencing a narrative related to the lore

Learn the skills you will need to survive while discovering the story of the world you will soon meet.

Enter the game in a protected tutorial area

Enter the adventure in an area protected from the outside world and designed to teach you all you will need to know!

Learn how to harvest, craft and trade in safety

Discover the skills you can use away from battle, away from battle! Learn about harvesting and trade, crafting and gear.

Join groups, fight monsters and complete feats without worrying about PvP

Discover friends and forge alliances. Team up to accomplish feats and battle local monsters with no worry of PvP and nasty surprises!

There’s no Radar or floating names so you can explore the world without attracting too much attention if you are so inclined.

In Darkfall Unholy wars there are no floating names or map markers to give you away. There is no radar. Explore the world without drawing unwanted attentions!
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Conquer Empires

Clan wars and conquest - sieges.

Experience the true chaos of epic warfare through clan battles and sieges! Hundreds of allies and enemies are able to charge into the fray as you vie for dominion over each others cities and territories!

Territory control.

Conquer your enemies, see them driven from their cities and expand your control over the territories of Agon! Experience the shifting power-struggles of a land burning with the chaos of clan warfare!

Form clans and fight for dominance.

Form clans and forge alliances to achieve true dominion. The world is a safer place when you have your clanmates with you (though that does not necessarily mean it is safe for anyone else!)

Lead your team to glory as a clan or party leader.

Hone your skills of leadership as the head of a party or clan! FInd your true worth by leading your allies to fortune and glory!

Form strong alliances or betray and be betrayed (Politics).

Experience the politics of a war torn land. Forge your alliances, betray them, and punish them when they, inevitably, betray you in return!

Group with other players or clans against your enemies.

Meet new friends and allies as you team up to defeat your enemies be they bestial or mortal!

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Forge Ahead

Harvest rare materials.

Explore the world and harvest the rarest of materials from the deepest and most dangerous places!

Choose the look of your weapons and craft them.

Allow your weapons to truly be an extension of yourself as you choose your favorite weapon design to craft into your tools of destruction!

Infuse materials with rare essences and use them in crafting more powerful items.

Infuse crafting materials with rare and powerful essences to create truly powerful and unique gear!

Trade your creations with other players.

Become a merchant-prince and sell your creations to other players for coin or favor!

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