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We’re currently working on putting together the beta build. The game will be running in debug mode and it’s a different build from what we would have launched. We didn’t have this set up before since there was no plan to do a public beta before launching the game, mostly due to time constraints associated with managing this process.

There will be a beta forum. Since this was also not planned, we need to add the functionality to the new account system; we should have this in time. The only place beta discussion should take place is in the beta forum. There will be developer monitoring and interaction in this forum.

The pre-orders are planned to launch along with parts of the new website on early Friday evening. I know I said that the orders could be limited and throttled, but there’s enough capacity that we can pretty much guarantee this won’t happen before the beta launch on Monday, so there’s no reason to rush the account system.

Pre-order pricing is 14.95 for returning players, the price of the subscription. If you’ve ever bought Darkfall, you’re eligible for this price promotion during the pre-order period which should run until close to the game launch. New players, who haven’t bought the original Darkfall, can pre-order the game for 29.95 which represents a 25% discount.

In the registration page of the account system, there will be a checkbox where you can enter your previous account information to associate it with your current account. This will give returning Darkfall players the option to pre-order Darkfall Unholy Wars for the price of the subscription.

By pre-ordering you get 30 days of game time when Darkfall Unholy Wars launches. It gives you Beta access. It gives you the capability to reserve your character’s name. We will also look into giving pre-orders a head start for launch, but we can’t commit to this yet.

That’s all for now, we’ll come back with more details tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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Glaub da werde ich evtl mal nen Blick riskieren.

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Ich werde auch reinschauen.

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