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Eine Zusammenfassung ueber kommendes etc.

Progress update, and some Q&A

Hey all!

Things have been pretty intense recently, and with that in mind I wanted to update you with whats going on. We've got some pretty important code fixes (and content updates) coming in the next patch. Part of major code updates, however, is stability and performance - with the upcoming US holiday weekend, we want to be sure the build is stable.

To that end, while art and design put the finishing touches on the remainder of Colorado, we're thoroughly testing the game using external AND internal resources before releasing another patch.

Keep an eye on the forums and we'll keep you informed.

Oh, and if you have any constructive questions please ask away. I'll do my best to answer them all.

(this would include any questions that may have been stickied previously, I don't mind rehashing some old info )

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#2 Skills will come after clans and play with friends, no ETA at this point
#3 The patch will go live once we’ve confirmed stability and functionality on the update itself
#4 This is an interesting idea something we’ve discussed. Additional features beyond the current list however won’t be until next year. We’re currently wrapping up barricades however.
#5 As of my last conversation with Sergey the wipe has not changed. You’ll also see item weights come online after the wipe.
#6 Remember that due to the Earth’s rotation the sun itself is not moving, but rather we are. The earth rotates once in approximately 24 hours from the point of view of the sun, moving at about a thousand MPH (measured from a point on the earth).
#7 As cheaters cheat and hackers hack our systems are constantly refined. And yes, you’ll see the rest of the map released with the next patch.
#8 Basic content you can expect in the next patch: Clans, new female characters, bug fixes including item duping and HTML chat hacking, and the rest of the map
#9 I encourage you to re-open lost suggestion threads. In the meantime, I appreciate feedback on the HUD so please PM me the link when its up!
#10 Its in the mail! Along with a hot pink unicorn! Seriously though that would be pretty cool. I’d totally rock one.
#12 We’ve taken measures. This won’t happen again – it was the mistake of a single person, which has been rectified
#13 I think you’re really going to dig the new sections of the map. Some really fun interiors, and unique locales. The team really kicked it up a notch for this one!
#15 Yes, wipe on 11/30. That’s an interesting idea, and while probably not feasible, we are discussing some fun events between the devs, major clans, and the community.
#17 There was an issue with one of the moderators over the weekend and today, which has shown we were correct in removing him from his role.
#18 Yes, beta codes will remain active
#19 I’ll do another teaser post in a while, as theres a lot planned and I don’t want to blow up this thread too much

Page 2
#29 Zombies spawn in set area’s, and we’re experiencing with different logic there (more forest spawns etc)
#33 The discussion back and forth on both sides of the fence, whether to have a separate character list/GI or not for private servers was a very heated one. At this stage we don’t believe its necessary – once server rental is live and we’ve had a chance to see it in action and gather data we can reassess. This would also involve code and UI changes we’re not ready to add to the list until we’ve completed other core features
#34 Yes, the weather system is getting consideration. You’ll probably see this in the first quarter of next year or thereabouts, once we’ve had a chance to spend some time with it. If we’re going to do it, we want to do it well – and yes, I agree, that’d make for some intense atmosphere
#35 Collision exploits are part of our polish phase, and will be ongoing. We’ve fixed a number of them already
#39 The .22 caliber weapons are in progress. Ammo should be interchangeable (assuming code allows at this point, I’ll confirm later). Boulder city will be filled out. We’ve got a good external test team we just started working with. Payment models for servers will come online when they do, but that’s heavily dependent on code. Development will be ongoing for the life of the product and we have a lot of really cool melee weapons we’d like to see brought to life. Admins are TBD for server rental. WHEW! That was a lot.

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#45 Yes, some of these are already done, such as eating and punching, using syringes etc, and should be in soon
#46 I’ll see about adding autorun, sounds like a good idea to me, at least for a toggle-able option
#47 Yes I actually have a very large hand in this personally, and we’re growing several key characters story lines. These, when properly pieced together, will start painting the picture of what happened. Staged events (instances) will not be a part of our scope at this time, however.
#48 Swimming will be addressed next year. At the moment we’ll have some shallower water players can walk through to access other areas. See above for weather. This is not part of our current optimization pass that I’m aware of. Holding flares/chem lights I’ll mention to the guys, same for ‘remember me’.
#54 Strongholds and private servers are slated for December. Map marking functionality has not been discussed yet.
#57 Yes, you’ll be able to decide 10-30 slots for strongholds, and up to 70 for worldmap rentals
#58 Ladders are something a number of us are pushing for, we’ll see
#59 I haven’t heard about this bug before, please report it to support.thewarz.com if you haven’t already
#60 Optimization is constant. We’re pushing for higher and higher FPS all the time.

Aggregate answers, pages 4-6
•We’ll get the patch as soon as we can with regards to stability
•Cosmetic items will be coming but our primary focus, with regards to art, is finishing up what we’ve already put out. More interiors, polished textures, etc
•Nothings really ever ‘out of the picture’ when it comes to our style of development. We’ll be updating and releasing new content constantly.
•In terms of question #6 I just interpreted that as a silly question – its been answered though. The rest of the map will open up soon, and there’ll be a number of fun encampments soon to explore and discover
•December means that we plan to have servers available ASAP in December
•We’re working out the design behind missions. What works, what doesn’t, etc.
•Melee slots (or the ability to equip whatever items you like in either slot) won’t be on the table until next year
•I like the idea of locking dead slots, but not to worry, we have a system incoming that will prevent mindless character creation. Its only this way because of Alpha.
•At this point servers will be passworded only. Whitelist is not a part of our plan ATM
•Ghosting and server hopping require a delicate approach. We’ll have a solution soon.
•At this point Hardcore mode means when you die, its permanent. Control over features such as crosshairs, TPS, etc will be dependent on who’s renting the server.
•I’d like to hear what this grass issue is that folks are talking about, same as ‘too quick’ hunger rates
•#89 That dress doesn’t make you look fat, I think you have wonderfully big bones
•Once you activate server rental time its used – GC used during Alpha is reset after the wipe
•#105 can you please PM me more details on this bug? I’ll look into it.
•#106 these allegations have already been refuted. So long as we’re able to keep the doors open we’ll be working and supporting this game. Its our baby, and allegations towards us not caring are ridiculous. Also, there’s no reality where any moderator would be privy to the inner workings of our studio.
•The craft system is coming. It takes a considerable amount of design, however, to be sure it functions properly.
•Also, we really want decapitation we’re hoping to have it soonish, but there’s other work to be done first

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