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Red Rancor Interview with Georg Zoeller:

Für alle die es nicht wissen RR, ist sowas wie Brigant, einer der alle Infos aufsaugt und uns alle mit Podcast, Interviews, Videos etc. versorgt, seine Seite selbst ist auch sehenswert, also wem langweillig ist einfach ma RR's Seite raussuchen.

Nun zu den Q&A aus dem Interview:

Red Rancor: What is the maximum number of members allowed in one guild?

Georg Zoeller: Currently the cap is set at 500 members.

RR: In past MMOs, Avoidance tanking has not been preferred by groups and especially healers, since if the tank is hit 2-3 times in a row, he may die due to his Light armor. Mitigation tanking has been preferred for the consistent decrease in health for healers to track. Is there a system in TOR that allows the Jedi Shadow and the Sith Assassin tanks to survive those 2-3 lucky hits and thus be just as viable as other Heavy armor tanks?

GZ: I assume this question stems from the assumption that Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin would be avoidance tanks on their defensive oriented skill tree.

In fact, Jedi Shadows and Sith Assassins have abilities that increase armor and defense while Shadow and Assassin rely a bit more on avoidance in their tanking ability mix than other Advanced Classes.

But, and this is where I think we’re addressing the problem you are hinting at in your questions, the actual contribution of avoidance to Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin survivability is only about 5% higher than for other Advanced Classes. They also have some active defenses that can increase their survivability and mitigate incoming burst damage if needed.

RR: What would you say the largest "hurdle" is/was in balancing the classes, if any?

GZ: I wouldn’t call it a hurdle, more a challenge... but maintaining the iconic Star Wars feel across the very different classes required a lot of thought, and put a lot of creative work on both designers and artists.

The other big thing was making sure that Force users and non-Force users are equally appealing and viable. I think The Old Republic is special in the way that players who start the game base their class choice a lot more on fantasy fulfillment than anything else. For most MMOs, players come in and pick a class that they know will fill the kind of role they want to play.

With our game, we are obviously seeing a lot of popularity in classes like the Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior. Lightsabers! Force Leap! Force Choke! That’s the kind of things most players want to try out first and classes like the Imperial Agent or the Trooper lack a Star Wars role model like Darth Vader, so a lot fewer players are picking these classes as their first choice.

Our job is not only to make sure that the Force users are as iconic as players expect them to be, but also that the players that pick the non-Force users are getting something equally appealing and visually awesome. We also need to design the game with that class imbalance within a faction in mind - which is, by the way, why the Consular has the option to become a healer or a tank at this point.

RR: Will there be boss encounters with voice-over during combat?

GZ: Some boss encounters will have mechanics that utilize voiceovers.

RR: What will make healing fun and unique in TOR?

GZ: Our healing classes are currently undergoing some revisions based on testing feedback, so I’ll defer this question to a later point to avoid talking about mechanics that are currently in flux. That said, you don’t think this is fun by itself?

RR: What will make tanking fun and unique in TOR?

GZ: Due to the Advanced Class system, we have some great variation between our tanks in terms of visual and gameplay style. Differentiation between the classes and specializations beyond the tanking style include:

• Range Gameplay: A Trooper plays quite different from a Sith Warrior since humanoid ranged enemies are quite common in the Star Wars universe.

• Mobility: Iconic abilities like Force Push on the Guardian/Juggernaut or Force Pull on Shadow/Assassin create unique gameplay in both PvE and PvP. Force Leap/Force Charge both grant movement flexibility and great combo opportunities (e.g. Is that annoying Smuggler trying to kite you in your melee dead zone? Force Push him out and follow up with a powerful leap attack that also grants you additional rage). Same goes for the non-Force users: Your healer got himself into trouble? Don’t worry, a Trooper’s harpoon missile will instantly fix that problem and create some space and breathing room. And if you are mean, environmental features like lava pits can quite deadly if you get pulled into them.

• PvP Viability: Abilities like Taunt and Guard have powerful PvP applications that ensure tanks can utilize their strengths in PvP as well as PvE. Also, can you think of any other MMO where your tank has the ability to vanish?

• Finally: Companions. This is a unique feature in our game we are very proud of. Specifically for tanks and healers, it allows players to retain their group playstyle when soloing in the PvE game as well! You can bring along your healer companion to keep you alive while questing. And as a group, if you’re without a dedicated healer, an off-healer supplemented by a well-managed and itemized companion allows you to experience a lot of our group content.

RR: How likely do you think it will be that TOR would implement a player feedback system to promote helping other players and good group conduct?

GZ: I think there is a good chance of us adding more mechanics that help compatible players find each other and stay in touch over time. It’s a topic we’re interested in, but it’s also something that has a great risk for abuse and being gamed when not done right, so we’re approaching this issue very carefully. We don’t have anything specific to announce at this point.

RR: What do the game metrics say about Daniel Erickson's abs? Are they over 9000 yet?

GZ: You’d have to ask Dallas Dickinson’s epic beard, it clearly lost that last match with Daniel’s abs.

RR: When will we be able to acquire the title "Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder?"

GZ: Kill 20,000 nerfs? No-one can tell.

RR: Do Sith Assassins ever get pants?

GZ: Yes. There are outfits for the class that involve pants.

RR: Can you part with any more details yet on the companion customization and legacy system announcement from Comic-Con? (If not, I fully understand but I had to try!)

GZ: Not at this time... but keep an eye out for some more details.

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