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Hier gibts noch nen netten Datacron +10 Ausdauer zu finden, noch was was man mit 50 machen kann *eg
Muss auch erst gelesen werden, wenns soweit ist, fuer die die viel Text scheuen, allen anderen viel Spass beim lesen:

Scattered throughout the Old Republic are special Datacrons providing you, the player, with various stat bonuses. Yeah, that’s awesome, but how about six Datacrons all at once? You can find them all in one location, hidden behind a forcefield in the Ziost Shadow, and you’re going to want to find these bad-boys. Join Game Front as we discover this tricky solution to your next Datacron problem.

1.Before beginning, you’ll need to be aligned with the Sith Empire, Level 50, and have three other friends with you.

2.Hop on a starship and get yourself to Alderaan. That’s where your quest will begin, and brother, prepare for a long one. Pick up an MGGS at a vendor in the Juran Mountains, which you’ll stumble upon south of King’s Pass. Head southeast in the Mountains until you find Outpost Talarn. Continue down the road south to find a vendor. His coordinates are X: 1885, Y: 204. Buy one MGGS, it’ll cost you 10,000 credits.

3.Next stop; Corellia. Get yourself to Axial Park, to the coordinates X: 684, Y: 34 south of Coronet Zoo. Look for an open shipping crate tilted toward the wall. Take the crystal, and you’re off to the next stop.

4.The Datacron Location itself is inside the Ziost Shadow, the northernmost of the ships in the Imperial Fleet. With the red crystal, an MGGS, and three friends, enter the Ziost Shadow.

5.Take off for the elevator and enter the Bridge Deck. In the Bridge Deck, make a turn and head north for the small circular elevator that takes you into a special Museum on the starship.

6.In the Museum, you’re going to need to die. That’s right, you need to die to continue. One way to accomplish that is by turning right as you enter the Museum and jumping into the exhibit. Remember, only the player with the red crystal needs to die. Anyway, in the little exhibit with the gun and target, look behind the target for a button. Press it and you’ll get blasted.

7.Choose to respawn in the Medical Center when you die, and you’ll appear on a ledge near a Republic Transport on display. Inside the Transport, there’s a console just right of the door to the cockpit. Activate that console, it’ll open the door just infront of the Republic Transport.

8.Jump down off that high ledge and make your way through the newly opened door. Run through this back hallway, following the wall left, until you reach a door leading behind the exhibit with a large blue crystal. Get near the crystal and click to collect it.

9.With the blue crystal in hand, return to the main Museum showroom. Across from the Republic Transport platform is another large platform with a Statue ontop. Climb some nearby crates to jump up to the statue, where you’ll see it has several buttons you can interact with.

10.Running towards it, fit your crystal into the empty slot on the right side, then click the button in the center. The forcefield to your right will drop, making it obvious where your next destination is.

11.Enter the newly available door and head through the passage. Down a ramp, you’ll find an obscured forcefield bridge to your left; leave one player at the bridge, while three other players continue into a control room further down the hall.

12.Inside the console room, you’ll find three consoles. Each do something different, but using all three at once will make the previously obscured bridge from before passable. Have one player stand at each console, then click simultaneously.

13.The player waiting at the bridge should rush across, you won’t have much time to cross before the bridge goes offline again. Across the bridge, you’ll find an identical control room that works in tandem with the previous control room.

14.Think of each computer console as a number; the left, right and center consoles are 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Once you’re across, have the player at console 3 wait at the bridge, while you take your place at the identical control room’s console 3, and hit all three at once. Repeat the process a few times to get everyone across.

15.This is when things get tricky. Across the bridge, you’ll need to find three Magnetic Stabilizers, and four buttons that need to be pressed simultaneously.

16.The the first buttons are down the railing, further down the path from the second control room. Jump down onto the black railing and follow it to the wall. For the first active Magnetic Stabilizer, look right and down. Another player can jump onto a nearby railing left and follow it around to the button.

17.Put two players in position at the first two buttons, then you can go looking for the second two buttons. The second two buttons can only be accessed by Magnetic Stabilizers, but both of the stabilizers are inactive until two players hit those first two buttons described above at the same time. Find the stabilizers first, then have the first two players hit their switches to activate them.

18.The two inactive Magnetic Stabilizers are tricky to find. The first, look directly up from the red central console looking out towards the bridge. Above you, and slightly left, look on the wall for an alcove above a large rectangular rail.

19.The second of these inactive Magnetic Stabilizers you can find just as you jump to the railing from the control room hallway. Hop down onto the railing, and immediately turn right and look straight down. You should spot a narrow railing leading to a larger one back around a corner right. Jump down and follow the path, turning right, then looking up and left for an alcove above with the inactive Magnetic Stabilizer.

20.With everyone in position, have the first two players activate their switches at the same time. The Magnetic Stabilizers will activate, and the second set of players can reach their own buttons. With all four players near four buttons, activate the second set of buttons at the same time.

21.Now, have everyone type in [/stuck] and you’ll all reappear in the control room below. Jump back down onto the main rail and look up and left at the large square structure. A new Magnetic Stabilizer point is active! Have everyone zip up to the tiny railing. It might get tricky, as this railing gets very crowded.

22.With everyone on the narrow ledge, you’ll see two Magnetic Stabilizer points. Just as you reach the ledge, turn left. Straight ahead is the door leading (FINALLY) to the Datacrons, but the Magnetic Stabilizer is inactive. To your right, you can see an active Stabilizer. Have one player use this active Stabilizer and hit the switch there.

23.With this final switch activated, the Magnetic Stabilizer above the door ahead will open. Have everyone zip across, open the door, run down the hallway, and open one more door for a short cutscene. Congratulations! What a ride.


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Super , ich bin dafür das Michi das auswendig lernt! *duckundweg*

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Bin dafuer das mal fix fuer alle 50ger durchzuziehen, am besten alle zusammen oder in zwei drei gruppen wenn sichs zeitlich nicht arangieren laesst.

Und die Woche drauf das ganze fuer die Twinks die dann soweit sind.*eg


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Wäre ab spätestens 1900 rdy

#5 RE: Gruppen-Datacron 10+ all Stats von Guru 23.02.2012 08:48



Wäre mit Twink dabei, da ich den mit Guru schon habe.
Ich weis jedenfalls wie das ganze funktioniert.

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schubs, brauche das ganze 2ma von daher immer dabei.......

Kommt schon das werden wir doch mal ohne Anmeldungen, Plannungen etc hinbekommen.

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auch bock mus nur wissen wie und wann wegen der schicht !!

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